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About Us

Indulge yourself in the perkiness of shopping and selling under a single roof with First time in North-East India we have come with one stop solution to both buying and selling anything and everything you want. So shed all your worries and indulge yourself in an absolute perkiness. Experience the largest virtual market of India.

Do you want the market with the largest customers to launch your new company? Hookolu will be ecstatic to present you to the most potential market exposure. At Hookolu profit is not everything, we believe in service first and win your trust. You may have the rarest product to sell or a unique service to offer, we will find the customers for you. Hookolu values business, trust, and togetherness. That is why our mission is to develop India's biggest online hub where every customer can find his/her seller.

In a broader spectrum, we want to promote the untouched and unknown beauty and uniqueness of places and business in North-East India. There are many products can only be found in this specific region and customers cannot reach those vendors due to lack of an accessible platform. Hookolu wants to be that platform for both customers and merchants from Assam and other North-East states. Apart from that, this region holds immense potential for tourism Kaziranga National Park is one such place here which can attract tourists all over the world as it is a wildlife sanctuary for the rhinos in India. Not only that, it also recognized as one

Our Vision

We anticipate a future where buyers and sellers will find their solace under the same roof. Yes, Hookolu is that umbrella that encompasses the best dealers in India and brings them to their potential customers. Every customer secretly desire to spend minimum and obtain maximum. Quality comes hand in hand with quantity. The kind of companies are associated with Hookolu are authentic, certified and give genuine products. And top it all, you can have your favourite item at unbelievable discounts. Quite often, customers exhaust themselves to acquire best deal in the market and Hookolu is the only place where you can get all the answers to your shopping queries or any service you want to avail.